Technical Training and After-sales Service

1. Timely provide Party A with all the technical materials and drawings as the contract; compile and supplement operation manual according to the final commissioning results. 
2. Party B offers on-site training service according to progress of the project, installing, trying operation and production of the whole line as it is required on the technical materials and drawings. 
3. Party B gives training of installation, commissioning, use and maintenance to staff of Party A under their arrangement. 
4. Instruct operators and maintenance staff. 
5. Increase pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service, implementing super pre-sale, full process and life long service through manufacturing, installation, commissioning and production. 
6. During warranty period, Party B will provide an answer or staff within 4 hours once receiving feedbacks about quality of the products. Party B will arrive at the site as soon as possible, change and maintain the spare parts for free. The service will never stop until the clients are satisfied. 
7. Beyond warranty period, Party B is on call to provide paid service for improvement of technology, maintenance of the machine or offer of the spare parts.


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